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Welcome to Mythik Mystik!

And There you go ! Mythik Mystik begins its adventure.


I’m very excited to see my little shop take off. My name is Audrey Wollbrett and I am the one who created everything you can see on this site. I like to learn by trying, trial and error and “fiddling around”. This is how I acquired most of my skills. A little sewing, knitting, crocheting, painting, embroidery and assembly of beads and threads… I customize old clothes and I have been making jewelry of all kinds since I was little. Lately, my favorite is bead embroidery.

So far, I have worked in several fields unrelated to jewelry, always hoping to one day do something with my flamboyant creativity. From executive assistant to floral designer, I tried several things without managing to get rid of this frustration of not creating with my hands in complete freedom. I even went on an adventure abroad hoping to find what I was looking for beyond the seas, counting on luck to bring me what I wanted. But the problem was not geography! My lack of fulfillment on a daily basis would not be resolved by waiting for a miracle. So here I am (finally) taking matters into my own hands! After years of disappointing professional attempts, I decided not to wait any longer to finally do what I love!


This blog exists because I want to share my universe and promote my work and my inspirations (many!), which deserve to be talked about. The reality of daily life can jostle us and be quite ugly, here I intend to focus instead on the “Beautiful”.

Let’s talk about jewelry from all walks of life, embroidery through the ages, beads from around the world, trappings from distant tribes, tales and legends, superstitions and folklore and what it all inspires. Without forgetting the treasures of nature, artists of all kinds and illustrious characters who are themselves legends.

Revealing oneself is a challenge but the pleasure of sharing remains very strong. I like the idea of discovering creations that have sometimes required dozens of hours of work and of marveling people with little bits of glass and crystal and long lengths of wire. J

Creating beautiful beadwork pieces is fun, but it’s not enough. Passing on some of this pleasure to customers and lovers of beautiful objects is also very rewarding!


If you are a lover of beautiful things, know-how and stories of all kinds passed down from generation to generation, you will undoubtedly come across articles here that will speak to you. Sentimental people who give power to the objects that touch them and who admire the work of creation will surely appreciate some of the writings I will post on this blog.

I hope to have the opportunity to surprise or amaze you, to teach you something in the course of an article and to make you discover a facet of the Men of this planet by their art and crafts or by the world in which they live. Everything will depend on the inspiration of the moment!


  • QUALITY: I like solid and precious objects as well as well-made things. I consider that handmade creations carry a bit of the soul of their designer. This brings them even more charm and value in my eyes. There is love in it, craftsmanship and pride. There is also a lot of time invested in these kinds of pieces. As for me, I apply myself to producing neat finishes, to choosing materials with care and to making solid creations that last a long time.
  • NO ANIMAL SUFFERING: Another important aspect for me is the issue of animal suffering. There are therefore no materials of animal origin in the composition of my jewelry. I’m the first to find the colorful feathers beautiful, but it breaks my heart to know that they were ripped from a bird that didn’t ask for it. This is a subject that affects me personally and I find it consistent to extend my opinion on this subject in the professional field. Glass and crystal already offer great possibilities without having to make our animal friends suffer.
  • 100% HANDMADE: At Mythik Mystik, everything is handmade. Thread, needle, beads, imagination and patience, these are the main ingredients of my creations!
  • EACH MODEL IS UNIQUE Each jewel that comes out of the workshop is absolutely unique. You can’t come face to face with someone who has the same! Each piece that arrives at your home becomes YOUR piece.

This is what awaits you on this site. I hope to supply this blog as often as possible with beautiful content that makes you travel and invite you to discover. I wish you a good visit on the site and I say to you soon!