The materials I use

In the manufacture of my jewelry, I use all kinds of materials. Here is a small inventory of my “ingredients” that will allow you to take stock of what you buy when you treat yourself to a Mythik Mystik jewel 🙂


Undoubtedly the most important element of my work. The beads I use are glass, Japanese and mainly from the Miyuki brand, some from the Toho brand (also Japanese). The particularity of the Miyuki is that their range of “Delica” pearls is perfectly calibrated for a smooth and regular finish. I recommend them if you want to get into bead weaving 🙂

All their varieties of beads come in an impressive number of colors and textures! Frosted, matte or transparent, metallic, galvanized, with a glaze or crystal finish, all these pearls allow a mixture of textures that give depth and vibrancy to the jewel. Nothing to do with coarse plastic beads made in China.

Still in the pearls, I also use faceted glass beads from Bohemia (part of the Czech Republic), an emblematic place for the manufacture of crystal.

The crystal

Speaking of crystal, this is a material that I also use a lot. Previously, I favored Swarovski elements, which unfortunately are no longer made. From now on, I get crystal from the Préciosa brand, of the same quality and the same calibers as the Swarovski brand.

Pure, limpid, with perfect transparency and a brilliance that creates rainbows, crystal is undeniably one of my favorites. I use it in cabochons of different sizes and shapes, set, and often in drops, sometimes cubic or heart beads…


The threads that I use for hand embroidery in a “needle painting” style are in DMC stranded cotton. They allow a large choice of tones and are of good quality. The thread used for Lunéville crochet embroidery (also called “Haute Couture” embroidery) is called “glove thread”. It is a cotton thread, slightly glazed which, as its name suggests, was formerly used for making gloves. Finally, for some of my hand-embroidered jewellery, I use extremely strong nylon thread, also from the Miyuki brand.

Chains and finishes

The chains I choose are either silver, gold plated, or gold filled. These metals are a guarantee of durability and protect you from allergies. Sleeper earrings and ear hooks are also either silver or gilded with fine gold. Brooch pins are made of steel or gilded with fine gold. For the smallest finishes, such as certain rings and rods, when I can’t find elements gilded with fine gold or silver, I get pieces without nickel and other allergenic metals. You can wear Mythik Mystique jewelry safely 🙂

The suede

To cover the back of my jewelry, I use suede with a soft and comfortable feel. I avoid leather out of respect for the animal cause. I am still considering a more eco-friendly option.

The tools

To work, I use various pliers, to bend or to cut, needles or hooks to embroider, but above all it is my hands that do the most. Stitched many times during the creation of each piece, we can say that there is love and the will to do well in all these jewels! 🙂 The last essential tool for my work are my eyes! For the most precise details and clean finishes, it takes a hawk’s eye. ^^

From now on, you know a little more about the composition of my creations. In each description of my products, I play on the transparency of the origin of my raw materials. I invite you to ask me questions about this in case you want information that is not indicated 🙂

To create quality jewelry, you need quality products and materials. This is what allows these creations to last over time. In addition, with each order, you receive a little notice to take care of your piece and keep it impeccably!

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