Yuki-Onna Cuff

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This cuff bracelet is hand-embroidered in France with high-quality Japanese glass beads, crystal rhinestones and czech beads. It is set with a Swarovski crystal cabochon. The inside of the bracelet is covered with soft suede.

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Yuki-onna is a character in Japanese folklore. Her skin is inhumanly white, almost transparent, she is hardly visible in a snowy landscape and she sometimes wears a white kimono. She personifies winter, and especially snowstorms. Until the 18th century, she was considered cruel (killing innocent people, freezing them to death, sucking their blood or life energy). Like winter and the snow it represents, Yuki-onna has a bright side. She sometimes lets her victims escape for a variety of reasons. According to one story, she spared a free young man because of his beauty and young age. Today, she is portrayed as being more human, albeit with a ghostly aspect. In many stories, Yuki-onna helps those lost in the mountains.

Dimensions 14 × 4 × 1 cm