Borysthene River Earrings

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These earrings are woven from high quality Japanese glass beads. The ear hooks are gilded with fine gold.

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Borysthenes is the river god of the north. His daughter, a nymph named “Liarka”, courted by Zeus, abandoned herself and gave birth to a child, Targitaos. The latter was the first Scolote (Scythian) baptized by the gods, since there were no men. His children, Lipoxais, Arpoxais and Kolaxals, are at the origin of the three dynasties and in their descendants it is still a Greek, Heracles, beloved son of Zeus who unites with Echidna on the bank of the Meotic (the Sea of Azov). From the monster and god were born Agathyrsus, Gelonus and Scythians, the most valiant and heir to the bow and harness of the grandson of Alcea.

Dimensions 10 × 2 cm