Lilac Bracelet

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This bracelet is hand-embroidered in France with high-quality Japanese glass beads and Czech beads. It is set with a Swarovski crystal cabochon. The inside of the bracelet is covered with soft suede.

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Frightened by the Pan god of forests and fields, the pretty nymph Syrinx (Syringa, Latin name for lilac), panicked, escaped her pursuer by throwing herself into the river Ladon. To save her and above all to save her virtue, her sisters from the waters turned her into a reed. Pan, calmly took some stems of the plant and made himself a flute… of Pan! The patron of meadows and fields gave the nymph’s name to a fragrant spring flowering shrub, now so popular in our gardens. It is called “Syringa” by botanists. A name inspired by that of the pretty nymph which means flute in ancient Greek. It is since these time immemorial that children and shepherds use the hollow wood of lilac to make flutes.

Dimensions 14 × 2 × 1 cm