Protea Bracelet

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This bracelet is hand-embroidered in France with high-quality Japanese glass beads and czech beads. It is set with a Swarovski crystal cabochon. The inside of the bracelet is covered with soft suede.

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The protea flower symbolizes diversity, change and courage as the marine deity Proteus, from which it takes its name. Proteus knew everything about the past and the present, and he had the power to predict the future. Despite this gift, he was careful not to easily share his knowledge. To consult him, it was necessary to catch him by surprise during his midday nap because, at that time, he went to the hollow caves in the company of seals to shelter from the heat of the day. And even when captured, he could still take any physical form he wanted in order to escape.

Dimensions 14 × 2.5 × 1 cm