Kali Brooch

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This brooch is embroidered with high quality Japanese glass beads. The cabochons are Swarovski crystal. The back of the necklace is covered with soft suedette and includes two pins for good support.

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In Hinduism, Kali is the goddess of preservation, transformation and destruction. It is a terrifying form of Pārvatī, representing the destructive power of time.

The goddess Kali, also called “The Black” or “The “Dark” is the destroyer of evil in all its forms. Its appearance varies, according to the different regions of India.

She is usually depicted completely naked with black skin. Her long dark hair features a headdress of gold and precious stones. Above his bulging red eyes, a third eye turned toward Shiva symbolizes wisdom. She has eight arms. They carry the trident of Shiva, the destructive fire, a noose, a sword and a dagger stained with blood, or a decapitated head planted on a peak.

In other depictions, Kali has dark blue or golden skin. It can be very skinny and ugly, or on the contrary very sensual with generous shapes and a luscious mouth. A variant of Kali called Bhadrakali represents the goddess of fertility, an auspicious protective mother.

Whatever the ferocity of its appearance, Hindus perceive it as a divine protection that removes all the dangers of life. The cult of Kali is particularly popular in Bengal.

Dimensions 8.3 × 10.5 cm