Blood Drinker Brooch

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This brooch is embroidered with high quality Japanese glass beads. The back of the brooch is covered with soft suede and includes two pins for good support.

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Succubi are women of exceptional beauty. After a number of murders their eyes turn red, then retractable black wings appear, then finally, kinds of horns adorn their foreheads. In their early stages, they usually look all that is most natural. Succubi are timeless, (as long as they feed) they possess a supernatural charm that allows them to seduce just about any man. The succubi invoked relentlessly hunt down men who commit violence against women (rape, murder, etc…) and take great pleasure in killing them. There are several ways for a succubus to eat. Some consume the blood of a being they have charmed and feed on his death. Others consume the erotic dreams they provoke in a prey. Still others devour a person’s extreme emotions (fear, joy, etc.). And others consume pleasure through sex.

Dimensions 8.5 × 9.3 cm