Naiad Brooch

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This brooch is embroidered with high quality Japanese glass beads. The charm is composed of Czech crystal facets, a Swarovsky cristal cube and crystal bicone bead. The back of the brooch is covered with soft suedette and includes two pins for good support.

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The Naiads are the Nymphs of rivers, lakes, streams and waterfalls. Basically, wherever there is fresh water, you can be sure that a Naiad is nearby! They are endowed with the gift of prophecy. And beware if you bathe where it is not necessary: the Naiads have a tenacious grudge and are well capable of hurting you with a curse over generations! On the other hand, if you go quench your thirst in some very particular fountains, you could heal from a deadly wound.

This brooch is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s painting “Portrait of a Lady”.

Dimensions 8.3 × 10.5 cm