Thetis Necklace

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The necklace is embroidered with high-quality Japanese and Czech glass beads. The chain is made of 925 silver gilded with fine gold. The central cabochon and bicone beads are made of Swarovski crystal. The back of the necklace is covered with soft blue suedette.

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In Greek mythology, Thetis is a Nereid, a marine nymph, daughter of Nereus and Doris. She is the mother of the hero Achilles.
Thetis was often considered the most important and best known of the Nereids. Thus, when Hera asks for hes help to save Jason during his journey with the Argonauts, it is to Thetis that Zeus’ wife addresses. And Thetis will actively lead the Nereids to preserve the ship and its crew.

Like the god of the sea Proteus, Thetis constantly metamorphoses (bird, snake, lion, fish, cuttlefish, water and fire) to escape a forced marriage with Peleus. The latter is advised by the centaur Chiron, who raised him and knows how the divine powers work. He explains to Peleus how to keep his future wife in human form: he must hold her firmly while she changes her appearance until she gives in to fatigue. Eventually, she promises to fulfill his wish to marry her. The wedding ceremony on Mount Pelion follows, during which Eris, goddess of discord, furious at not having been invited, throws an apple “to the most beautiful”, which will cause the judgment of Mount Ida.

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