Blue Tear Cuff

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This cuff bracelet is hand-embroidered with high quality Japanese glass beads, aventurine stone  beads, serpentine stone and peridot stone as well. It is also set with a Swarovski crystal cabochon. The inside of the bracelet is covered in soft suede.

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When it was discovered, the green color and rough texture of serpentine immediately evoked the skin of a reptile. Its name then appears as evidence, and comes from the Latin Serpentinus which means Stone Snake.

It is sometimes called “Ophite” or “Ophiolite”. These terms come from the ancient Greek Ophis which simply means snake.

The Romans very often used serpentine in their decorative ornaments. They called it lapis atracius. But they also used it against snakebites and to guard against black magic. This stone would be an effective way to detect poison. Indeed, on contact therewith, the glass or the Serpentine container would break.

Weight 115 g
Dimensions 14 × 5.6 × 1 cm