Koi Pond Necklace

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The Koi Pond necklace is embroidered with high-quality Japanese and Czech glass beads. The chain is gold filled and the green bicone beads are made of Swarovski crystal. The back of the necklace is covered with soft suedette.

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Koi carp are often associated with strength of character, perseverance, accomplishment and courage. This fish also symbolizes good fortune, success, prosperity and ambition. Their robust nature has led to the association of koi carp with longevity. In other words, these carp represent everything that is positive. The koi of certain colors also have a special symbolism:

  • Kohaku: White bodies and red spots symbolize success at work.
  • Kumonryu: a white body and black spots or an all-black body represents the transformations of life.
  • Ogon: Silver carp represents business success and wealth.
  • Kuchibeni: A white and red pattern with red around the mouth symbolizes love and relationships that last over time.
  • Yamabuki: A golden carp represents wealth.
Weight 125 g
Dimensions 54 × 5.2 cm