Eye of Argos Necklace

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This necklace is embroidered with high quality Japanese glass beads, black and gold tone czech glass beads and black sequins. The bicone beads and central cabochon are made of Swarovski crystal. The back of the necklace is covered with soft black suedette. The chain and clasp are 24kt 5 micron gold plated.

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Argos was a giant with 100 eyes, spread all over his head. There are always fifty who sleep and fifty who watch, so that it is impossible to deceive his vigilance. Zeus, in love with Io, attracts the jealousy of his wife Hera. Zeus then transforms Io into a beautiful white heifer. Hera then decides to entrust it to Argos who keeps it to Nemea, to keep it away from Zeus. Zeus sends Hermes to play the pan flute to put him to sleep and then kill him by cutting off his head, and deliver Io. Despite her failure, Hera rewards the giant’s fidelity by transferring his eyes to the feathers of the peacock, her favorite animal.

Dimensions 27 × 14 × 1 cm